Tooman design studio founded its workshop in February 2014.
Our endless passion for hand screen printing methods was the motivation to create this workshop.
We love to experiment with different kinds of methods and materials as well as to develop our creativity skills away from monitors.

Beyond our personal projects, we offer screen-printing services to artists, illustrators, designers as well as for businesses as part of their marketing/promoting strategies, always using high quality, eco-friendly pigments.

The inks we use are water-based and do not contain dangerous toxic chemicals, making them safer for your health and the environment. After printing the products are “baked” to 170 degrees hot air according to specifications, achieving a print that holds and does not wear out.

Our studio organizes screen printing workshops up to five participants working on theory and action. From the first step by creating a concept for this technique, processing it, till the final printing.
Please contact with us to book your reservation!