Issalos is a small hotel in Skala Potamias, Thassos, Greece. 
In a tourist place near the sea, it has 13 rooms, pool, bar and a herb garden.
The logo needs to show a restful and friendly enviroment to the customer.
A pillow shows all these and a cosy stay to any customer.
Issalos is a imaginary line of the sea surface in which a ship is balanced and floats,
so half pillow is at this imaginary waterline which is the place of calmness

Color guide
We choose green for the nature character of the studios
and the blue beacause located near the sea
We choose cf liar because match with the furniture of the rooms.
Team: Canibal Fonts
Font Designer: Σπαλιάρας Κωνσταντίνος
Client: Kirtazoglou sofia
Art direction: too man
Graphic design: too man
Year: 2015
Thanks a lot
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