Europe is our playground is a project established in Kavala, Greece in collaboration
with five european countries (Germany, Greece, Sweden, Bulgaria, Poland).
The project role is to awake children and educate about traditional sports and games
which is part of intangible heritage and a symbol of the cultural diversity of our societies.
The program has two steps, the first step includes traditional games of the countries,
music etc and the second step a interdisciplinary conference.
We asked to design for the first step logotype, symbol, program with map
and a poster and in the second step a conference program and a poster.
The problem was that today children don't get out and play with other children
with the result not to be social. The research process ends with the idea
that game stops the time and transfers us in a place were time stop and game begins.
This transportation visualized as a gray square and a ball that gets out of this.
The other meaning was to go out of your box and play with five countries.
Thanks :)
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